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Stairs ways

We manufacture precious staircases of different styles and different materials. Stairs made of wood, glass, metal or all these combined materials. In a residence project consisting of two floors, the staircase can become the architectural work of the home.

There are different types of modern stairs (spiral, floating, suspended) made of materials such as steel, glass, wood, copper, aluminum, iron, which allow high performance, to meet every need and taste in terms of functionality and design.

The wood is the most popular material for the construction of stairs since it has a series of advantages some of them are naturalness and respect to the environment, attractive aspect, reasonable price (when choosing a wood of low cost).


Most traditional stairs are made of, or at least covered with, wood. In addition to the elegance we find the warmth and texture that this natural material offers us. There are also a lot of modern designs for indoor stairs. An impressive wooden staircase can change the whole look of a house. It can make the difference between a simple decoration and a sophisticated one.

The finish of the wood can be as elegant and sophisticated as we want. We have a good example in this fantastic staircase made in Franco’s Furniture Carpentry.