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Service We Offer

In Franco's Finish Carpentry we pay extraordinary attention to every detail to ensure and deliver the highest level of quality in our projects and exceed your expectations.We offer an excellent service with the experience,quality and guarantee you need. We do it for your home or business: kitchen cabinets,bathroom vanities, doors, closets, wall panels, Decorative beams and columns, handmade furniture and projects and special works according to your needs.

Elegance and comfort for your kitchen with the design you prefer.

Kitchen Cabinets

Bathroom Vanities designed for you, how and where you need them

Bathroom Vanities

We make your closet according to your space and your preference.


Excellent designs for your wall that provides comfort and beauty.

Wall Paneling

Doors designed for you, how and where you need them.


We manufacture precious staircases of different styles and different materials.

Stair Ways

We build and place your beams or decorative columns where you want.

Decorative work

We make your furniture just right and design you need.

Handmade Furniture
Franco Finish Carpentry is at your service.

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We offer fast, accurate and professional solutions that meet the carpentry needs of our customers.

Quality is Our Passion

We Delivere in Time

We do your project quickly, delivering on the agreed date.

Affordable Pricing

The prices that fit your pocket are one of our standards. Our value for money makes the difference..

Personalized Experience

We take the utmost care of your project guaranteeing it is to your liking and your need.


The quality of our materials make our work with the highest quality.


We guarantee your maintenance when you need it.

Professional Installations

Experience and professional level make excellence as a result of work.

Our Company

We are Franco’s Finish Carpentry, a company established in Miami, FL that specializes in carpentry work of all kinds for home and business. These products include kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, interior doors, closets, wall panels, Decorative beams and columns, handmade furniture and projects and special works according to your needs. We use high quality materials to carry out our work and meet all the local building codes in Miami. Our priority is to meet your needs so that you feel satisfied with the work done. Our work is a guarantee of quality.

A personal and professional commitment to proactively protect the welfare of employees, contractors, customers and the people of the communities in which we operate. We believe in building to have a positive impact on the communities, the infrastructure, the economy.

At Franco’s Finish Carpentry we are business professionals, we offer excellent care to your project, we work to provide a service with the highest quality, personalized attention and customer satisfaction. If you need services in carpentry we are sure that you will be satisfied with our work. In fact, we guarantee it!

In our company the commitments are fulfilled with the clients, we take responsibility of the objectives of the project and we work in an organized and careful way.

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